SaberFITMost Popular

$ 150

Per Month
  • For All Ages
  • 6 semi-private lessons: 2-3 lessons may be scheduled per week
  • welcome pack: t-shirt, student orientation manual & fencing guide
  • mask, jacket, glove & saber: loaner gear available
  • learn fencing fundamentals: improve endurance, strength & coordination
  • Online registration required
  • NORMALLY $300, NOW $150

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Open Floor

$ 30

Per Session
  • For All Ages
  • $20 Members (Talk to coaches first )
  • Fri 6-8PM
  • $30 Non-members (by invitation)

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Private Lesson

$ 60

20 Minutes Private Lesson
  • For All Ages
  • $45 Members (Talk to coaches first )
  • Call to schedule
  • $60 Non-members (by invitation)

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Primer Fencing Academy is the home of one of the most prestigious and award winning Northern California fencing teams. Our main ambition is to help all our students to become an accomplished competitor. However not every student who begins training in saber fencing may qualify or have an interest for this level of rigorous and devoted training. Our training methodology and system has three levels of dedication and commitment; bronze, silver, and gold. When a student successfully completes the SaberFIT program they will qualify to enter the bronze training program. The bronze program is a combination of both recreational and competition training. Bronze is a prerequisite for the student to be qualified to earn a spot on our world class fencing team. Entry in to the bronze level of training will require a desire to excel, fundamental fencing technique and willingness to work in cooperation with teammates.



12 Month Commitment
  • 1 ~ 2 Classes per Week
  • 1 Lesson per Week
  • Access to Camps
  • Inter school Touraments
  • For All Ages
  • By Coaches Invitation Only

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18 Month Commitments
  • 2 ~ 3 Classes per week
  • 2 Lessons per week
  • Open Floor Fencing
  • Access to Camps
  • Regional Tournaments
  • By Coaches Invitation Only

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36 Month Commitment
  • 3+ Classes per Week
  • 2+ Lessons per Week
  • 1 Seminar per Month
  • Open Floor Fencing
  • Travel Team Member
  • National Tournaments
  • By Coaches Invitation Only

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